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Non-Bank Funding for Scottish Companies

Welcome to Alderburn Finance

Alderburn Finance is an Independent Specialist Finance Broker, dedicated to finding the right non-bank funding package for businesses throughout Scotland, providing tailored solutions for borrowers, lenders and professional advisers.

Non-bank funding is a growing sector in the commercial finance market. With banks still very cautious to whom they lend and often applying unattainable criteria, Scottish businesses are finding it exceedingly difficult to get the funding they need to grow their particular markets, and non-bank funding can often be the solution.

Alderburn Finance typically works with businesses with turnovers ranging from £200,000 to £20 million, to raise finance from £100,000 to £10 million. Whatever the size or sector of the business, the focus is to get the funding right for the client, by taking time to understand the business, structuring appropriate facilities and ensuring they address current and future needs.

Alderburn Finance brings a breadth of experience and understanding of business finance from both the lender’s and the borrower’s perspective, ensuring finance is available at the right time and the right terms. Our professional team has extensive experience in accountancy, banking, turnaround, and financial services. Funding takes the form of a commercial loan and is typically available between 6 months and 5 years, or up to 30 years for "commercial/investment property loans".

Alderburn Finance’s main "non-bank lending" products are Crowd Lending or Peer to Peer loans which offer alternative commercial funding based on a collection of investors small deposits providing finance to businesses as required.

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"Non-bank funding is a new and refreshing alternative to mainstream bank lending, creating new opportunities for Scottish businesses to release their full potential."

Neil Davidson
Neil Davidson Managing Director, Alderburn Finance

Non-Bank Funding for Scottish Companies

The growing non-bank lending marketplace is bringing together investors, including high net worth individuals and pension funds, in syndicates that provide funding directly to businesses.